Breakdown Cover for Garage and Parts

Breakdown cover for garage and parts can be a real lifesaver in an emergency. However, breakdown cover is not available for all vehicles. Most policies have a limit on the age and mileage of the vehicle concerned.

New Vehicles

Breakdown insurance might not seem essential for a new vehicle purchased right off the showroom floor but manufacturer error can show up in most unpleasant ways during the first few weeks of operation. If one of these faults manifests while you are driving down the highway, you can be stranded just as you would be with an older vehicle. Just as important is that purchasing breakdown insurance while your vehicle is still under warranty gives you added opportunities as your vehicle ages.

Your Vehicle, Age Two

Many new vehicles are under warranty for the first two years. This will mean that ordinary maintenance is mostly a matter of scheduling. If you have trouble on the road, your warranty will work with your breakdown insurance to take care of towing, roadside repairs or assistance, and any repairs that are required during this time. Your accident insurance, of course, will take care of any impact damage your vehicle sustains.

At the end of the second year, you might have an opportunity to purchase an extended warranty for your vehicle. This is also a good time to purchase breakdown insurance if you have not already done so. After the second year, it might not be possible to get the kind of breakdown insurance that takes care of parts and supplies.

Major Repair Breakdown, Extended Warranty

Major repair breakdown service and an extended warranty work together very well and can extend the time when you will be able to drive your vehicle, worry-free. Many breakdown services place limits on the kind of help you can receive after your car or truck reaches a certain age or number of miles. Those magic numbers are often 15 years and 10,000 miles. If you use your vehicle for commuting or as part of a travel job, that mileage limit can seem very restrictive.

Qualifying for Major Breakdown Insurance

An extended warranty and early purchase of breakdown insurance can make the difference between qualifying for major repair insurance or not. Sometimes, if you are supremely dependent on your vehicle, you can benefit from adding gap insurance for the possible events that could happen that are not covered by either your warranty or breakdown insurance.

Why Major Repair Breakdown Coverage

Car repairs are expensive. Not only do major repairs include large, expensive parts, they can also include extensive amounts of labor. Auto mechanics must carry liability insurance, keep up with current best practices, and possibly even pay off student loans, as well as pay their share of building maintenance. All those costs are passed on to you as the price of having a well-trained, qualified person with the right diagnostic and repair tools on hand. Breakdown insurance that covers the cost of major repairs can make the difference between being able to get your vehicle repaired or simply having to start over with a new car payment.

Other Things to Think About

Many companies limit the number of times you can make a major repair claim against your breakdown insurance. Fortunately, most vehicles will not require more than one or two major repairs during a single year.

Major breakdown insurance coverage can be a budget saver, as well as granting the ability to keep your vehicle on the road a little bit longer. If your livelihood depends on your vehicle, breakdown insurance, including major breakdown cover as well as roadside assistance, can be of enormous benefit to you.