SBA Guaranteed Loans in Default: Local Seminars to Explain Your Options

SBA Loan Default Workout

Second Wind Consultants is organizing a series of seminars designed to bring our strategies to you, the borrower in default. These strategies help defaulted borrowers preserve their assets and reduce personal guaranty on defaulted SBA guaranteed loans to affordable losses.

SBA Guaranteed Debt Workout Seminars in New England

Our offices are located in Western Massachusetts. We are able to reach out to borrowers in default throughout New England and will bring our program to various convenient locations in order to educate you about the options we provide.

There is a huge need for this information; we understand this because we talk to hundreds of borrowers in default every week. We understand what’s at risk and what will happen to them if our strategies are not taken advantage of. We understand that businesses will be lost, homes will be foreclosed upon, jobs lost and families broken up… a total disaster.

We also understand there are no real viable alternatives. Many believe bankruptcy is an option, and while it may be, it is not a very good one. It will cost you your business and likely require filing for personal bankruptcy to rid you of personal guaranties. If the SBA attaches to your home, then it too may be in jeopardy, depending on many factors.

This much we do know: We can prevent foreclosure on assets, and reduce the personal guaranties to pennies on the dollar.

Watch for notice of our local seminars. There will be NO entry fees and the value will be priceless for many. It may even save your family from destruction.

Call us if you want additional information about upcoming seminars. Or, Norm can arrange a no-obligation teleconference for your own personal seminar with an evaluation and proposed strategy.